Sex on a Stick…

14 Sep

While I can appreciate a handsome, sexy guy, I’ve never been one to oogle and drool over one; especially one that is famous.  My husbear will often point out pictures of random hot guys he stumbles upon while perusing profiles on Scruff, GROWLr, or other social media sites, and I will occasionally nod in agreement.  But this guy…OH MY GOD, BECKY!!!  My husbear often refers to Adam (Adam and I are on a first-name basis you know) as my “boyfriend”.  If I were single and not so deeply and madly in love with my hubby, and if Adam were gay and had even the slightest inkling of my existence, I would like to think that he would be interested in a little bit of…ummm…well…hmmm…you know…STUFF!!  Several of my gay friends say “he’s too f-cking skinny” or “he needs to find a buffet”, and I will admit that Adam is a bit on the ‘lighter side’ of the menu.  However, it’s not necessarily his body that I find so attractive (although that does help); rather, it’s his personality, that crooked little smile, the way he “moves like Jagger”, and the fact that he’s on “OUR” side in that he supports equal rights for gays and lesbians.

Now in case you haven’t seen Adam “move like Jagger”, here is a clip of Adam and his sexy little self doing his moves:

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